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I created this list, and will continue to develop it, based on the most common questions I've received from those who have passed through this website. If you have another question that is not answered here, please be sure to email me and I'll get back to you within the day.

As I address each FAQ thoroughly, you may prefer to jump to a particular one at your convenience:

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Who are you?

This may be the most important question there is, for both of us. If you don't know me, I lose the opportunity for your business and you lose the opportunity to learn my magic. Many people have build up a reputation in the magic market that is as esteemed as their reputation in magic itself. They've become a face and a name, to the extent that many customers will buy what they release without second thought, as well they should! I haven't had that opportunity yet, so I can only briefly tell you about myself here. 

My name is Daniel Skahen, and I've been learning, performing, and creating magic for about ten years. I've worked under professional settings - namely table-hopping and party strolling - on top of hundreds of other casual performances. Every page of Mysteries of Mind and Matter has gone into, and come out of, those performances to receive incredible reactions. I also have a small group of close magician friends, who also happen to be brutally honest. I have them to thank as much as anyone in the development of this project, for taking all of this material into the world with critical eyes.

It's important to know that I am a magician first, and that being a businessman is a distant second. I've been in magic for a decade, business for a year. This may seem like dangerous territory. On that contrary, let it reassure you that I am here to share the magic I've created; nothing more, nothing less. I've added a reasonable price to this sharing as a way to screen for those who would not be learning this magic with the best intentions or be putting it to good use. But I would not have spent all the time and energy this book demanded with the sole motivation of profit.

I assure that anything you ever take from me will be honest, ethical, practical, and simple. I created the blog, forum and newsletter in part to instill your trust in those principles, and in part to help you get to know me further. And perhaps the best way to know who I am is to befriend me, which will be as easy and sending me a email. If the only exchange we make is friendship, I'll be satisfied.

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Who is this book for and not for?

If who I am is most important, this is a close second. The answer is important as well, and it's not a "This is not for magicians who don't want to add amazing magic to their repertoire" kind of answer. I truly don't want you to buy this book if it's not going to be useful for you, and I know for a fact that it will not be useful for everyone.

There are different criteria to consider here, so I'll start with that which is irrelevant. It does not matter how old you are or where you are from. It doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of gimmicks or supplies - of the few gaffs used, one is something almost every magician owns and the rest you make yourself. Finally, it does not matter how magic fits into your life. The material within these pages is suited just as well to hobbyists as it is to professionals, and it is just as efficient at impressing your friends at a party as it is at landing a gig with a business.

The following criteria is relveant: This is only suited to close-up performers, to the extent of parlor work. I look to stage workers with awe and admiration, but am, as of yet, completely unfamiliar with that side of this craft. Further, a few of these tricks utilize random, ordinary objects - one centered entirely around a candy wrapper - but the majority of this material deals in card magic. If cards aren't your thing, this book is not worth your money. Finally, this is not for beginners. I'm no expert, but the stuff I've created and will be sharing in this book is directed to intermediate card magicians, implying that you know and can perform easily the essential sleight of hand.

Whether this is a hobby or a profession, if you are a close-up, intermediate, card magician, I guarantee your satisfaction with Mysteries of Mind and Matter, and recommend it highly.

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What does this book contain?

Mysteries of Mind and Matter is a book of close-up, intermediate-level card magic. At least, that makes up the majority of the book. The first section contains tricks and routines that use a variety of materials, from cards to candy. The second section contains sleights that I've created to act as tools, with which you can improve old routines and develop new ones. The third section contains three essays, in which I express my thoughts and theories about three important discussions in magic. All the sections are well illustrated with photographs and diagrams, and written in exhaustive detail, to the point where you not only understand but cannot misunderstand the material. All is well organized and compiled into a two hundred and fifty page ebook that can be saved to your computer.

To read more specific descriptions of the contents in this book, feel free to check out the full content list by clicking here.

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How do you justify the price?

It would be easy enough to justify the twenty-five dollars it will cost you to own this book by comparing it to the cost of others. So many books and videos, especially in the current era of magic, cost well over this price and feature roughly a dozen routines. It is also the time of the booklet, the instant download, and the eBook (even I have fallen into this category), and this is a time that readily accepts single-effect releases in those forms for upwards of $25. Back in the day, it seemed that magicians only released products that contained years of development, and thus large collections of material.

But I'm not here to evaluate other times, judge other products, or criticize other magicians. Doing so does not justify my price. Perhaps it's good that more magic is becoming more available more quickly. And of course, those magicians more popular than myself have the credibility to play at that level. I don't, so why should you spend twenty-five dollars on Mysteries of Mind and Matter?

Simply put, I'm offering a high quality matched with a high quantity, at less than one dollar per page, fifty cents per tutorial. At whatever value I see these pages, my appraisal is irrelevant. These pages are as worthless as the words written on them. The worth of this material is based entirely on what provides. This is material I have been developing for years, placed before the judgment of hundreds of spectators and dozens of magicians to great success. That's worth a lot to me. Hobbyists are guaranteed to be the life of any party using only this material. Professionals are guaranteed to land any gig using only this material. What is that worth to you?

The truth is, I find this book to be worth far more than twenty-five bucks, but I didn't choose that price based on quality or quantity. I chose that price based on the worth of the secret of the quality and quantity. If you are willing to pay twenty-five dollars, I trust that you will treat this material well, use it to its full potential, and keep it to yourself. Whether I have one customer or one hundred, the price of this book will ensure to me that it is only in good hands.

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How do I purchase your product?

Ever an important question... For starters, simply click the Buy Now button at the bottom of the "Mysteries of Mind and Matter" page. From there, you will be able to use any major credit card to complete your purchase. If you don't have a credit card, but you do have a checking account, sign up with Paypal. With no affiliations, I highly recommend creating an account on this website anyway. If you have no Paypal balance, note that it may take a few days before your order clears and I send you the book. If you do have a balance, Paypal is just as direct and convenient as any credit card.

If you cannot use any of the above, and please only if you cannot use them, you can send me an email and make arrangements to pay with cash or check. I'll have you verify your information and commit to the purchase, and then will give you an address to which you can send $25.00. When the money is in my account, the book is in your hands. This is as official and efficient a transaction as the methods in the above paragraph, but it is mutually beneficial to complete your order online.

(It's most important to note that any order you pursue, information you provide, and exchange that ensues is completely confidential and protected.)

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When will I receive my purchase?

When you place an order, I will be notified immediately via email. When I see that you have placed an order, I will immediately send you your purchase. I check my email at least once every twenty-four hours.

If I send you your order after twenty-four hours, I will send $12.50 right back to your account. If I send you your order after forty-eight hours, I'll send you $25.00. If I send you your order after seventy-two hours, I'll send you $50... you read that right - if I'm three days late getting your magic to you, I'll refund your purchase and pay you an extra $10.

You will receive the book as a PDF file, attached to your email. Right click that file and save it to your hard drive. You can print it out, put it on a disk, or make copies. All I ask is that you keep it to yourself (I put in the work, you put in the money, let's reward ourselves with secrecy). If you lose that file to a computer crash or accident, simply email me and I'll send you a new copy. As long as you aren't emailing me every week with this request, I have no problem replacing the book.

Note that all sales are final, although I encourage you to email me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your purchase. It's impossible to return a computer file, but it is likely that I can resolve any issues you have with it.

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Ehh... an ebook?

The "ebook" has entered, and is still entering, the world of publication. Presenting new opportunities, there are also inherent issues and potential scams. Ebooks are much easier to publish and to draw profit from. They require no extra costs for their production, and no extra people for their exposure. In this way, ebooks become more affordable and convenient for authors and readers, alike. Unfortunately, this also gives people the opportunity to scam their customers, selling something that is below par in quality, editing, and content.

The magic community, already prone to the marketing of pipe dreams, faces this ebook concern head-on. And as a magician, I am very hesitant to purchase books that I cannot hold in my hand. Yet, here I am selling one. How can I sympathize with your doubt and still recommend so strongly your purchase? I suppose I can only make a promise: I created this material for the benefit of my own performance, first. Then I wrote it all out for the benefit of other magicians. Throughout these processes, my only focus is on the quality of the content. Without thought to how it would be shared, my primary intent with sharing this material was the delivery of high quality content. I think I've achieved that.

I also want to assure you that, as I continue to sell this ebook, I am working every day toward publishing it on the market in hard cover. If you're reading this, you have the chance to get a first look. And if you invest in Mysteries of Mind and Matter
, I'll send you that hard copy with a generous and grateful discount. Until that time, don't let a certain format steal your opportunity to learn a handful of excellent magic at an affordable price.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

I'm a dog-lover at heart, but a cute kitten can win me over any day.

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