Skahen Magic

Mysteries of mind and matter

If you don't want to pay a dime for 215 pages of original magic, here's exactly what you can do:

Dear friend,

I charge $34.95 for my book, Mysteries of Mind and Matter, a content-packed original collection of intermediate close-up magic.

It's a bargain at that price, but I know that some magicians simply don't have one more dime to spend on magic, no matter how much they want it. I know because I've been there.

And while I'm not willing to put these secrets in the hands of any random web surfer for nothing, I'm quite willing to accept other forms of currency than money for people who have a serious interest in learning, mastering and performing this magic.

What currency? A little bit of your time and effort helping me develop this little business into my vision for what it can be.

You can do this to get one or two tricks. Or you can work your way up to the full book, or a full refund of the book after you purchase it. It's totally up to you. Here are your options...
  • Join the Skahen Magic VIP List. This is by far the simplest, easiest way to dig your heels into a big chunk of secrets (50 pages worth), including a free video tutorial and two comprehensive essays on magic theory - all free of charge.
  • Tell me your story. Don't worry, I'm not asking for an autobiography. But simply fill out a 10-question survey to help me figure out how I can serve you personally in your efforts to create a superior repertoire, and then choose any trick from the book to receive as my gift.
Before I go further, bear in mind: Just doing the two things above will give you SEVEN tutorials of original magic for 10 minutes of your time. And now things really get interesting...
  • Tell your friends about Skahen Magic. You don't have to advertise, stand on the street corner in a chicken suit, or become a spam-blaster. Just tell your friends that you found a new magic website OR just send me your friend's name and email and I'll send them a friendly invitation. For each of your friends that joins the VIP List, I'll knock two dollars off the price of the book. That's fewer than 20 friends before I'm sending you the book for free!
  • Review Mysteries of Mind and Matter. Maybe you found this page too late, or just couldn't wait to buy the book. Well here's the deal - write a review, and post it on any major forum. For each review you write, and each forum you post it on, I'll send you a dollar rebate. Again, I'm NOT paying you for propaganda; just come up with an honest opinion and tell the world! The book will pay for itself.
These are the simple ways you can get your hands on these original secrets FAST and FREE. Take advantage of them, as dozens of my visitors have in the past, and you can be performing new magic with a full wallet in record time!

...And stay tuned. I'm starting to like this idea of exchanging magic for your support. If I think of new ways to give you free stuff, I'll add them to the list. And if you have any such ideas, feel free to send them on to