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The following represent the powerhouse routines from Mysteries of Mind and Matter, each for only $6.99.

These are not only the superstars of my book, but also the bread and butter of my repertoire. I've built a reputation on this material, and if you're a close-up magician, the same opportunity is now yours.

A word on price: For the price of five Mysteries Select, you could purchase the full Mysteries of Mind and Matter eBook. I don't need to tell you which is the better investment.

But as I'm not out to rob you blind and I respect your skepticism, I'm giving you a $5 Mysteries of Mind and Matter REBATE each time you purchase a Mystery Select.

In other words, if you're still on the fence after the VIP Bonuses, and you just want to try one of the all-stars below, that's a great and safe investment as well.

Color Warps - Prepare to Take Your Spectators' Eyes on Wild Ride

Warning: Mixing red backs with blue backs in magic produces performance rocket fuel, which may cause explosive reactions.

Routines that play with card-back colors are classic in the art of card magic, and you'll find a great variety, old and new, throughout the magic market.

But if you're looking for the highest-octane, cutting edge and original color warp illusions, you need not look further than this mystery package.

The synergistic impact of these three effects is an eye-popping reputation maker that will blindside even your most critical spectators.

- Identity: Upon rubbing the back of a selected card, the magician changes its color. Then upon rubbing the front of the card, the spectator's name appears across the face.

- Identity Theft: A signed selection is lost in the pack. Then a red card is slipped into the deck after it. With a snap of the fingers, the red card literally fuses to the selection.

- Blush: The deck is spread and the spectator thinks of one card. While the magicians back is turned, the spectator pulls that card from the spread and covers it with their hand. When the magician turns, he flips the cards over to show them all blue. When the spectator turns his selection over, he sees that it is the only red one in the pack.

These routines stand on their own just fine - but put any two of them together and you'll never leave home without extra colors again.

As a bonus, I've included the Case Closed tutorial, which is an invaluable subtlety to enhance your performance of Blush, or the Brainwave Deck...

- Case Closed: With the Brainwave Deck, certain selections are found red in a blue deck, others blue in a red deeck. This makes the color of the case something a person. This presentation negates this issue and further improves the effect.

If you want to get visual with your magic, and add color to your performance, this Mystery Select is the best you can get.

Color Warps - $6.99

Runaway - Here, There & Everywhere... Until Totally Out of Breath!

I'm a sucker for card magic, original magic, for magic that relies solely on simple sleight of hand, and for magic that makes a spectator's head spin.

So it's no surprise that I'm a sucker for Runaway.

To condense it as much as possible, here's how it plays:

n ten impossible phases, a signed selection turns face-up and face-down, disappears and reappears, in your pocket, behind a window, in your mouth, and under your shoe.

Get a borrowed deck of cards. Leave the setup and difficult sleights at the door. Almost everything from the content to the process of the method is taken from my own original material to create a wonderful medley of magic.

Take the time to master this, and you'll not only have a powerhouse impromptu routine in your repertoire, but also a series of tactics and techniques that will never leave your arsenal.

Included in this ONE Mystery Select, you'll learn:

- Slip Control:
Any given card is placed on top of the deck. The deck is slowly and cleanly cut onto the table. The top card hasn't changed.

- Stealth Switch:
Visual changes, secret exchanges, and ambitious card routines - all taken under the wing of this powerful utility sleight.

- Card to Pocket:
This is my personal favorite method for achieving this classic effect - clean, simple, easy, and direct.

- Slip Change:
A face-down card is slipped into the face-down deck. With a snap of the fingers, the deck is spread and the same card is found face-up.

- Deck Sandwich:
A card is selected and lost in the pack. The deck is spread face-up and the spectator chooses a spot between any two cards. In a flashy move, a face-down card appears between them - it's the selection.

- The Fingertip Vanish:
A card is placed on the table and the magician snaps his fingers over it. In an instant, it vanishes as if by trick photography.

With this much magic, this Mystery Select has the best bang-for-buck ratio after the full book. If you really want to test the standards of Skahen Magic, I invite you to take this routine and run with it.

Runaway - $6.99

Shadow Window - If You Can't Believe Your Eyes, Take Another Look

A completely free selection is vanished at the magician's fingertips, only to appear behind a window across the room. The effect can instantly be repeated with the same card and the same window.

You read that correctly: same card, same window, same effect - moments after you perform it the first time.

I'm not out to compete with the many card-to/through-window routines that stranglehold the magic market.

I'm here to present something completely different, potent and practical for you to devastate any spectator you come across.

With a small bit of setup and a tolerable number of sleights, you're prepared to perform this multi-phase miracle - which includes not only the psychological impact of the double card-vanish, but the visual impact of the vanish itself.

The Fingertip Vanish is simply the most visual card vanish I've ever seen - the card disappears the moment you snap your fingers, with no cover whatsoever, as if by trick photography.

You'll also learn, in preparation for the Shadow Window method, the workings behind my favorite Card to Pocket, a simple approach to a classic effect.

I dare to say that Shadow Window is the strongest and tightest routine in my book, and quite possibly the ultimate staple in my card magic repertoire.

Shadow Window - $6.99 


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