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"Every Mystery Is Another Opportunity
For You To Make Magic Happen!"

The Mysteries continue! These selections in particular represent a few of the original sleights and subtleties presented in Mysteries of Mind and Matter, including a few applications in which they REALLY shine. Remember: Each Mystery Select you purchase comes with a $5 rebate for the book, if you choose to make that investment in the future.

Visual Guerrilla - Eye-Popping, Gut-Splitting, Merciless Magic

If you perform card magic, you know how important it is to open and close your performance with a bang.

And with Visual Guerrilla, you're prepared on both ends.

What's Visual Guerrilla? It's a set of original moves that come together to create a SYNERGY of magic.

Eye-popping in their appeal and aggressive in their presentation, they come together in a routine that will have spectators begging for more.

A powerful utility sleight is invaluable by itself. But string several sleights together, and you'll produce reactions that are out of control.

Forgive the hyperbole, and let me now get specific about what you'll learn in this Mystery Select:

- Popper: The deck is held beneath the fingers, and any given card pops out of the pack from nowhere.

- Flipper: A card is held in one of the magician's two empty hands. It is flipped over, fingers snap, and when it is flipped face-up again, the card has changed.

- The Fingertip Change: A card is held in the magician's palm, his other hand is shown empty. The magician simply rubs the card and it changes in his hand.

- The Fingertip Vanish: A card is placed on the table and the magician snaps his fingers over it. In an instant, it vanishes as if by trick photography.

Again, you'll have success whether you perform these ala carte or in medley. But no matter how you use them, expect them to become an indispensable set of tools for your sleight-of-hand arsenal.

Visual Guerrilla - $6.99

Slippery Slope - You Won't See It Coming, You Can't See It Go

Here's another set of sleights that might change your repertoire forever.

Here's your clue: they all have to do with slipping cards into place. What for?

Smooth transitions, slick maneuvers, flowing routines, and easy magic.

Simply put, these sleights are designed to be stealthy, working behind the scenes for your convenience.

Here's an idea of what I'm talking about:

- Slip & Slide: The magician holds a card at his fingertips, and in a moment of Kung Fu magic, it splits into duplicate. This tutorial is complete with five applications of this powerful move.

- Slip Control: Any given card is placed on top of the deck. The deck is slowly and cleanly cut onto the table. The top card hasn't changed.

- Slip Change: A face-down card is slipped into the face-down deck. With a snap of the fingers, the deck is spread and the same card is found face-up.

Plus, get this - to go with the theme of slippery moves, I've included an effect that's built on them:

- Deck Sandwich: A card is selected and lost in the pack. The deck is spread face-up and the spectator chooses a spot between any two cards. In a flashy move, a face-down card appears between them - it's the selection.

So slip into this and try it on for size. With better methods for you and better effects for your spectator, I think it'll be a perfect fit.

Slippery Slope - $6.99

Double Header - Because Two Is Always Better Than One

If you can't pull two cards off the decks under the illusion of a single card, you're selling your repertoire short.

The double lift is arguably one of the most important sleights in card magic.

It's equally important to do the double lift well, and to have a variety of methods for different situations.

Two of the routines in Mysteries of Mind and Matter - Countdown and Bottomfeeder - employ two original, distinct double lifts, which I've since gone on to use for a number of other effects.

- The Deep Double: hands down, my favorite way to double lift in almost any performance context.

- The Spin Double: allows you to double lift with one hand in a fancy flourish. It also ensures that you do not see the face of the card.

There's no limit to the applications when these lifts are in your arsenal, but this Mystery Select includes two of my favorites:

- Countdown: The spectator freely names a card and a number. The deck is dealt to the chosen number, and the final deal is turned to reveal the chosen card. A moment later, this can be repeated with any variation of card, number, and spectator.

- Bottomfeeder: Each time the magician snaps his fingers, a selected card penetrates the card below it.

This is Skahen Magic's ultimate resource of the art of double lifting, and all you need to perform the classic DL miracles of card magic.

Double Header - $6.99

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