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"Who Is Dan Skahen, And How Can He Help Me Enhance My Repertoire & Reputation?"

I have been a magician all my life. I say this with the belief that everyone who loves magic today was born a magician. After all, we create magic through our performances as much as we provide the opportunity for spectators to create magic in their minds through our tricks.

I believe the greatest gift in life is imagination, and that the more we explore our imaginations, the more we live with ease. I also believe that magic is imagination materialized. I've taken advantage of my own imagination not only to bring tricks into performance, but to bring ideas into tricks.

I've found that creating magic is the rawest, purest form of celebrating the gift of imagination.

I performed magic throughout my childhood, getting into every magic kit I could get my hands on and performing from my living room all the way to my elementary school talent show.

A few years later, I became captivated by the idea of sophisticated, professional magic that could entertain and inspire even the most hardened adults, and this became my passion.


New Close-Up Magic From An Unexpected Place

There are thousands of tricks and sleights, hundreds authors and books, and centuries of knowledge that came before I ever saw my first magic trick. All performers and innovators of today stand on the shoulders of giants. A magician could spend all his life learning magic and never learn everything (or perform anything!).

For better or worse, in today's magic "world," there are more magicians than one can count, more companies than one can keep track of and more products than would ever be necessary to fill a lifetime of repertoires.

So where do I stand? I'm always inclined to ask how a given magician or product can enhance my repertoire, and now that I'm presenting my own original ideas, I'm compelled to answer this question for anyone who might have the same curiosity about me and the book.

I come from humble beginnings... I'm just a regular guy. I'm not a magical guru and the magic I teach is stuff I conjured for my own repertoire first and foremost.

Nevertheless, I do believe I have something of value to contribute, specifically to the reputations and repertoires of close-up illusionists.


New Ideas, Original Magic

After several years of exploring the history, theory and techniques of magic, it dawned on me that the same ingredients that go into performing magic might also go into creating new ideas and original magic. The ingredients in question? Simply, imagination and practice.

Of course, as raw ideas go and with the thousands of ideas that have passed through the decades of magic, much that comes out of this creative process lacks quality and originality. I'll confess that a great deal of the concepts I've tried to bring to life were dead on contact.

Nevertheless, a few have moved forward to become my own personal powerhouses.

The effects I share through this website are effects that I created for my own repertoire, to build my own reputation as a magician. After sharing this effects with a few magician friends and receiving their enthusiastic feedback, I decided to share it with others... which, almost by accident, turned into a book.


I Have A Confession To Make...

I'm going to say something that may not be the best for my wallet... I am only a hobbyist. I find only pleasure in magic, and I have only admiration for those who have made their careers balancing such pleasure with business.

In fact, I may be the least business-savvy or commercially oriented magician selling a product, and if that's a deal-breaker for you, I respect your decision and appreciate your time. I hope you'll at least enjoy the free sample of material from the VIP Section.

As a hobbyist, I have few claims to make about my stature as a magician or the competitive advantage of my secrets. I can assure you that everything I sell has gained the approval of and inspired wonder in hundreds upon hundreds of spectators. Through other magicians who have learned this material, it has been taken into the professional arena and achieved the same success.

And that is the primary motivation behind all of Skahen Magic, including Mysteries of Mind and Matter, the forum, the blog and the newsletter. If I can give this material away to as many magicians as possible, I can indirectly reach the hearts and minds of thousands beyond my reach. 


The Origins And Mission Of Skahen Magic...

I find a great deal of inspiration from websites like The Magic Cafe, which offers incalcuable value which is beyond the capacity of any single resource. Within such sites, we find a gathering of magicians from all walks of life, passing on the wisdom of their knowledge and experience, which often represents decades of study and practice.

I knew I wanted to offer the same kind of value, albeit with dramatically downsized proportions. My best contribution to close-up magicians is the original magic I've created over the years. Before I began building this site, I spent over a year collecting my notes, essays and thoughts, and I organized them into a complete and coherent book, now known as Mysteries of Mind and Matter.

I also decided to establish a forum, blog and newsletter, all of which are entirely independent from any business-related elements of the site. I feel completely comfortable promoting other magicians and even endorsing their products (although I'm a harsh critic by nature), and encouraging others who pass by to do the same. My goal is to dispense as much valuable information to as many magicians as I can.

I created this site not only because I love to share this knowledge, but also because I love to learn from others of all experiences and skill-sets. Everyone in any field has something to teach, beginners and experts alike. It's my sincere hope that the blog and newsletter will be a valuable networking resource for me, and that the forum will be of the same value for everyone.

Now that you've read a little bit about me, I want to hear about you. The better I know you and your needs and dreams as a magician, the better I can serve you through this site. Head over to the "Your Story" survey to tell me a little bit about yourself, and accept the free gift I offer upon it's completion.