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Reciprocal Rewards Special

As a member of Skahen Magic, I really value your opinion and feedback as a fellow magician.

I'm also looking to ADD value to the repertoires of every magician I come across.

But I can't reach out to all the magicians in the world who might have something to gain from this site.

I'd like to reward you as much as you help me in the growth of this business. All you have to do is list the names and emails of magicians who may be interested in Skahen Magic.

I'll send them a friendly invitation to join the newsletter. If they accept, that's counts as a referral. They don't have to buy anything, nor do you.

For each referral, I'll take a discount $2 off Mysteries of Mind and Matter when you purchase it.

You can take advantage of this as many times as you want until the book is FREE (that's less than 20 referrals!), and even refer people AFTER you've purchased the book for a $1-per-referral rebate.

The only thing you cannot do is refer me to one of your alternate emails - I'll be checking IP addresses.

I hope you enjoy this deal fully and I look forward to rewarding you on as many referrals as you can find.