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Review Rewards Special

As a member of Skahen Magic, I really value your opinion and feedback as a fellow magician.

I'm also looking to ADD value to the repertoires of every magician I come across.

But I can't reach out to all the magicians in the world who might have something to gain from this site. And I'd like to reward you as much as you help me in the growth of this business.

As a customer of Skahen Magic, I hope you'll spread the word about any products you purchase, simply by writing a review in a magic forum.

For each review you write, and for each forum it is posted in, I'll rebate $1 of your purchase.

Think about it... If you purchased the book for $34.95, wrote seven trick reviews, and posted them on five forums, you'd have a full rebate!

The only requirements for this special are these:
  • You must have purchased the product from Skahen Magic - I'll be checking on this. If you would like a chance to get a discount to your purchase in advance, please check out the various offers in the Freebies section.
  • Reviews must be at least 350 words, and include pros, cons, and a link to the product.
  • Reviews must be as honest and objective as possible. You will be rewarded the rebate whether you speak positively or negatively of any product.
If you're interested, please just return to this page when you finish posting, including your name, email, what was reviewed, and the URL to the review.

I appreciate your help, and hope that you can pay for this magic with your feedback instead of your money.

Reviews are SO important to the magic industry, where you never quite know what to expect from product descriptions.

As a long time participant on the Penguin Magic forums, I've written over a hundred reviews for a wide variety of products under the handle "magicmandan."

Feel free to view them via the links below, either for inspiration or just for the purposes of finding good magic products...