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Mysteries of mind and matter

Want Original Close-Up Magic That Will Enhance Your Repertoire And Transform Your Reputation?

This simple website is my opportunity to share with you our common passion for magic.

If you've ever felt the chills as a spectator of a great performance, or as a magician before a crowd of mesmerized faces, you know this passion first-hand.

It's with this passion in mind that I've written a book, established a message board and kept a web-log all dedicated to the performance of high quality, original magic for beginners and experts, hobbyists and professionals alike.

The material I hope to share with you has been proven in working conditions to attract clients, land gigs, and above all, create a memorable experience of magic.

I've spent the past several years putting together a book called Mysteries of Mind and Matter.

It's a collection of my personal favorite routines, tricks, sleights, tools, shifts and subtleties.

I've spent quite some time developing this material, writing and illustrating the tutorials, and editing this book to be something of value.
I'm only sharing the best of the best of what I've invented.

The forums are set up as a hangout for magicians from all walks of life to come together and discuss all areas of magic.

It may not stand up to others in size or population, but I hope it sets a standard for a friendly, constructive discourse in magic.

The more people who participate, the more value the forum has in store for your magic. I hope to see you there!

The blog is a running tab on this web site, and it includes special offers as well as secret discounts.

Most importantly, the blog is a way for you to get to know me, which is especially important if you're considering the purchase of the book.

It's also a place for me to rant, review and relay to you various updates from the magic community, stories from members of the site, some of my personal experiences, as well as new ideas and techniques.

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As fellow magicians, it's my sincere wish to get to know everyone who passes through this site.

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If you're investing interest in these secrets, I'm going to invest the same interest in you and your magic, not only by the newsletter, but also by giving you free, no-obligation VIP access to everything on the site. 

By giving away more free samples, exclusive secrets, bonus opportunities, and - should you wish to purchase Mysteries of Mind and Matter - a 25% discount, I offer a token of my appreciation for your time and interest, with no strings attached.

Receiving these offers is as simple as filling in the form above. Just use your first name and a valid email as your password, and you'll soon be sent an email with a secret link to the VIP section of Skahen Magic, including a free 50 page sample from the book to start you off.